Darla Johnson

Thank you. John and I have been so happy with your service. We are so confident in our

purchase though we haven’t even seen the property! The reason for our confidence is

due to the elevated level of communication and comprehensive reports that we have

received throughout the process. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve the same

outcome on our own. Thanks again for all your help and we look forward to working

with you again.

Hazel Green

Thanks again for all your hard work, this whole process has been effortless which has

been a huge relief. I was very impressed with the entire team at Investors Advisors and

how everything just came together. What gave me peace of mind was the ongoing

information that was provided about the area I bought into. There has a huge wealth of

knowledge and I would be happy to use them again.

Erwin Smith

We thoroughly recommend Investors Advisors, they are an organized, thorough,

professional team of people who take you through the entire process of buying property

with ease and the upmost consideration of your requirements.

Georgia Thomas

We used Investors Advisors for investment advice as we were looking to buy an

investment property. We found Hassan and the team to be very professional and gave

us very sound advice on where to invest and introduced us to the builders and team to

make it happen. We are very pleased with all the advice we received and will certainly

be contacting them again when we are ready to build the next house.

Veronica Banks

Thank you for the work you do for us, it is appreciated. Our investments with

Investment Advisors have made my retirement easy and comfortable. In fact, without

them, we would not be in the position we are today.

Marvin Griffin

We first invested with Investors Advisors last 2015. I was very impressed with their

honesty and ideas on investment and as such, invested in our first property. Our

portfolio has grown from the one property to different properties. These have been able

to be funded from reinvesting the yearly dividends back into properties sourced and

recommended by them.

Byron Stark

We have provided valuation advice in respect of the property for how many months

now and have been impressed with Investors Advisors’ management ability. This ability

was certainly tested when they persevered with ensuring the results of previous rental

arbitrations undertaken locally were effectively overturned and the rental for the

property substantially increased.

Robin Mcguire

When we started in Investors Advisors Australia, we intended to put all our money into

one property. But the benefits of investing this way through them have been so good.

We find they are good investments for our family trust and the kids will get the benefits

after us.

Jimmy Seinhaul Jacksonville, Florida

I knew I wanted new construction but was overwhelmed with the number of builders to choose from and their options. Thank you Crystal for knowing the ins and outs and competitive advantage with several builders so I could feel comfortable in my decision. You also knew the negotiation tactic to used depending on the builder-priceless! I absolutely love my new home.

Jordan Drake, 23 Francis Street, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010

Coming from Sydney, my knowledge about  property in different areas was minimal. Crystal provided clear guidance so I was able to make an accurate decision on where to buy my home. Thank you! I will be contacting you again!