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We answer some of the main concerns and questions both home buyers and investors might have when it comes to buying a property off the plan, so if you are considering buying a new property then you might want to read some of our above property articles first.

Some of the key questions that we cover within the ‘Our Thoughts’ section includes:

  • How to get your property rented
  • Should you buy property with friends or family?
  • What mistakes first home buyers make
  • Should you buy property off the plan?
  • Advantages of buying property interstate
  • How to spot property scams
  • And much more

We also cover articles on particular states in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and where you should be buying your next property and why.

It is important to do your key research and due diligence first before you buy a property so you completely understand the whole process of buying a property off the plan and what you can expect from it. There are of course plenty of things you need to carefully think about first before you buy a property and these helpful news articles will help you answer some of those questions you might have about the property purchase and who you should be buying with.

We will also focus on topics specifically for investors such as when it comes to renting your property out, how to keep your apartment cool during Summer and why apartments are better than houses.

Equally, we also focus on topics that affect first home buyers and owner occupiers who might be new to the property market. We have some great advice articles that are worth a read and can put your mind at rest as to why apartments are the best property type for investment purposes.

The ‘Our Thoughts’ section allows us to write about topics that are close to our heart and what we think about the situation. We treat this section as a learning curve for our buyers and provide useful tips, how tos, general advice and much more.

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