Hassan Pharoan is property investor and founding director of Investor Advisors Australia, CEO of Pharoan Realty. Hassan is very passionate about building outstanding client relationships based in trust and value. He established this company with the sole objective of enabling everyday Australians to achieve their financial Independence through property. Investors Advisors personalize complete property portfolio strategies for their clients. Hassan has spent years researching and implementing the many aspects of successful property investment.

He’s full of energy and life, creating a fun and long-term partnership with everyone he works with. As a Wealth Creation Specialist, Hassan Pharaon provides everyday Australians with education, coaching, mentoring and guidance to secure people’s financial futures through investment in property. The right way and the most educated way.

During this time, Hassan has worked with highly successful property investors and leaders in their field. Currently Mr. Pharaon owns a multi-million dollar property portfolio and he plans to buy an investment property every year until he retires. Hassan is a successful entrepreneur with a strong and diverse background in business. With his eyes set on bigger ambitions and goals, his main purpose is to positively impact over ten thousand people’s lives Australia wide and globally, wanting to be at least one of the reasons why people change and take control of their lives and future.



At Investors Advisors, we teach people how to bank differently and smash down debt. It’s all about making your money work harder for you. Our advice centres around a key philosophy. We believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, so well ensure that your lifestyle is protected as you reduce debt.


If you think that owning multiple properties means living on a shoestring budget, think again! We’ll show you how to manage your investments masterfully without affecting your personal life. Our model allows clients to separate their personal finances and protected from inevitable shifts in the economy and interests’ rates. Your lifestyle is always protected. Our team also reviews your financial position regularly to ensure you are on track with your goals.


The Investors Advisors team have decades of experience in the property and wealth creation industry. We keep our finger on the pulse of the property market and will show you the best investments to build wealth. With the right strategy and expert’s guidance to your property investments, you can enjoy an earlier, secure and prosperous retirement..



Our coaches are genuinely invested in your financial future. We’ll tailored a wealth creation program to suit your goals and provide personalized support, training and education along the way. Think of us like your personal trainer for financial health! Our Wealth Coaches are committed to:

▪ Excellence in their industry, offering the latest advice and insights.
▪ Keeping you motivated, inspired and focused on your goals.
▪ Providing you with an individualized support and education.


Investors Advisors utilize a network of highly recommended support professionals to develop a best practice policy. Should you wish to use one of your own advisors, we are happy to work closely with them to achieve your goals.


Investors Advisors hold seminars, webinars, workshop and retreats to enable clients to come together for an evening day or weekend of education and support, all while having fun. Presented by our very own experts, these events will introduce you to the key principles of debt reduction wealth creation.


▪ Wealth Retreats
▪ Budget boot camp
▪ Goal Setting
▪ Property Showcases
▪ Debt Reduction Sessions
▪ Organized Owners
▪ Money Talks (young adults)
▪ Specialist Workshops


At Investors Advisors, we’ve designed a suite of software and financial tracking tools to make investing easy! Developed by experts in financed and property, the tools give you everything you need to master money management. It takes the stress out of storing documents securely, maximizes savings and will systematize your financial records for total peace of mind!


▪ Finance and Insurance Brokers
▪ Accountants
▪ Property Specialist
▪ Conveyance Expert and Solicitors
▪ Building Supervisors

Investors Advisors clients can access our professional network at various times throughout your financial journey. Whether it be an educational style group setting for general advice or during a personal appointment to assist with an individual taxation and legal advice.

Why Investors Advisors is different?

” We specialize in investment property and research before presenting any property to potential investor, we look at what you are trying to achieve and it all starts with a Research. “

Property research is like a jigsaw puzzle, you only have to be missing one piece and the puzzle is incomplete. At Investors Advisors, we pride ourselves on doing the most comprehensive research to ensure you get the full picture. In assessing every development, we look at the following:

✔ Location
✔ Population movements
✔ Employment and Economic Growth
✔ Demographic Changes
✔ Infrastructure Spending
✔ Timing, Supply and Demand
✔ Rentability

Investors Advisors then source properties in areas with good rental yields and future demand as well as high capital growth. All of our properties are purposely built to suit the specific demand of the renters in the area, making your investments stand out from the crowd.

Property inspectors ensure that every property is built using exact standards to ensure you have the perfect investment property. A total package of property experts working for you.


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Our office is located at 391 Enmore Road, Marrickville, NSW 2204, Australia.